Preschool Ministry at Deep Creek


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The preschool staff at Deep Creek are committed to helping lay a strong foundation in the life of each child, with the hope that when older, each child will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Our desire is to provide a Christ-centered, interactive, fun and safe environment for your child to learn and build lasting relationships.



We teach kids the same basic heart truths repeatedly until they fully understand them:
- God created me.
- God loves me.
- Jesus wants to be my friend forever!

Each of our classes is designed to help even the youngest children begin to understand that God made everything for a purpose - including them! We look forward to partnering with you through prayer and teaching, as you begin this incredible journey with your child towards the development of Godly character, lasting relationships, and, most importantly, a whole hearted commitment to Christ.

9:15am & 10:45am

Preschoolers - Babies through 4 years old
- Bible Study
- Praise & Worship
- Arts & Crafts
- Snacks


Child Check-in

• A computer-based child check-in system for ALL children (babies through 5th grade) is in place with stations located in both the Preschool and Children’s halls.

• Each Sunday, we have trained volunteers available to assist you in the check-in process. This easy process involves entering your last name, selecting the appropriate class for your child, and printing your child’s label and pick-up labels. Your child will be released only to an adult with the pick-up label matching the child’s label.

• We have a new First-Time Guest Child Check-in Form where people new to Deep Creek can save time by Checking-in online before they come. They are to come to the downstairs main Check-in area upon arrival at Deep Creek.



• While in our care, each child’s safety and security is our top priority.

• ALL volunteers have background checks before working with preschoolers.

• If you are needed while your child is in our care, we will contact you by displaying the 3 digits on your child’s check-in label on the message board in the Worship Center, so that you may come to the preschool area and receive or console your child. If you are attending a Connect Group, we will communicate via pager. Our pagers are available for checkout at a counter in the nursery hall.



Childcare  6:00-8:30pm
Are you plugged in? Don’t forget that while your kids are in Wednesday night activities, or if you are participating in a ministry in the building, childcare is available for you!
Childcare Schedule:
6:00 to 8:00 for ages 0-5
8:00 to 8:30 for all children of choir members
For the safety of your child, it is required that you remain in the building while your child is in our care.
Please click here to register your child for childcare.

MISSION FRIENDS  7:00-8:00pm
This is the time for your 3 to 5 year olds to learn how they can worship and serve God! They will also learn how Missionaries share the good news of God’s love with those who have not heard!


If your child has any of the following symptoms, we ask that you keep them home. We want to protect your child, other children, and the workers from unnecessary exposure to illness.

*Fever– Currently or within the previous 24 hours.
*Vomiting or diarrhea-even associated with teething or medical condition.
*Common cold-from onset through one week.
*Runny nose with yellow/greenish discharge.
*Sore throat.
*Any unexplained rash.
*Any symptom of childhood disease (i. e. scarlet fever, measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough, strep throat, flu, etc. or any infectious or contagious disease).
*Fifth disease.
*Any skin infection-impetigo, boils, ringworm.
*Eye infection-pink eye or drainage (All eye infections are contagious. The child must be on medication for 24 hours before entering the classroom.)
*Persistent cough.
*Any communicable disease.

If your child develops any of these symptoms/conditions while in our care, we will notify you immediately.


Agency D3 - Discover Decide Defend
Vacation Bible School 2014
JUNE 16-20 • 9am-12pm

Trace it back to the facts! The evidence is clear. The proof is all right here! Children will discover, decide, and defend the truth about who Jesus really is with LifeWay’s Agency D3 Vacation Bible School. From the crafts, to missions, to outdoor recreation, to the high energy worship rally...our goal is to make sure your child is excited to learn about God and comes into a lasting relationship with him! Because of all the fun & excitement, by the end of the week, kids will want to do it all over again!



Harvest Festival is an annual event held on October 31st from 6:30-8:30pm at Deep Creek where families came come together and enjoy non-scary fun and activities such as hayrides, food, cotton candy/popcorn, a turkey trot, cake walks, rides, games and more! This is good wholesome fun for the entire family, so be sure to come out and enjoy the festivities.

Tande Reckley

Tande Reckley

Interim Preschool Ministry Director