One Church with Two Styles of Worship

9:15am Celebration Worship

If you grew up in the church and have a deep appreciation for the HYMNS OF THE FAITH but also enjoy learning new songs which are scripturally sound and Christ-centered, CELEBRATION WORSHIP, led by our CHOIR and ORCHESTRA, is for you.
Watch Celebration Worship LIVE Every Sunday at 9:15am

10:45am CROSSOVER Worship

If you're new to church or you've been away for a while and you're looking for a place where the atmosphere is relaxed and the style is relevant to your life right now, then the CROSSOVER service, led by our BAND, is for you.
Watch CROSSOVER Worship LIVE Every Sunday at 10:45am


The bottom line is that each weekend at Deep Creek, we want you to walk in and be welcomed by real people, inspired by a variety of excellent music, and challenged by dynamic and relevant biblical messages that address everyday problems.

Worship is one of the most important things we do as a church. That's why we put so much time and energy into our Sunday worship gatherings. People from different backgrounds and generations join as one to engage in worship as a family. Whether it’s a traditional sacred hymn or a new song of praise that causes you to clap your hands or lift them in surrender, our ultimate goal is to honor God while engaging each person’s heart to humbly meet with God and joyfully respond to His worth in a way that’s culturally relevant.

So whether you've been in church most of your life or you're coming back after a time away, worship at Deep Creek is an exciting time to be refreshed and realigned with God and allow life-change to happen!

By the are super important to us at Deep Creek and we're passionate about them learning about Jesus in a fun and exciting environment. So come a few minutes early and we'll help you check them in to Kidstime before you come in to the worship center.

Oh, and if you're wondering how to dress when you come, just know that we're more concerned about your spiritual journey than what you wear. So come comfortable, grab some complimentary coffee in the lobby and be prepared to be challenged.